Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven

The old school tradition of smoking meat is making a big comeback. The method of slow cooking meat has been used for hundreds of years and produced some incredible results. The smoke from different woods mixed with the flavours of the meat creates unique flavours that just can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Smoking meat became more difficult as we became busier. It’s not a quick way to cook and in fact with traditional methods it requires a great deal of attention and some skill. Maintaining the right levels of smoke and temperature were essential for creating the best meat.

For the modern smoker the electric smoker has been created. This incorporates old style cooking with up to date techniques and allows everyone to smoke meat whether they’re beginner or pro. All you have to do is set your temperature and smoke levels and leave the equipment to do the hard part for you, just come back when your meat is ready.

Electric smokers are popular and there’s a lot to choose from. In order to get the most from your electric cooker you need to shop around and find the best. We’ve sourced what we consider to be one of the best electric cookers around, the Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven.

Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven

Southern smoker recipe of fish The Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven electric smoker is one of the best smokers available on the market. It’s been designed with the user in mind in a number of ways that make it far superior to any other model. It’s one of the most efficient on the market and is designed to be consistent throughout. It’s designed like a chimney to let the smoke flow through evenly, this means the flavour through the meat is consistent.This means perfectly cooked meat through every use.

The Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven electric smoker features an interlocking base and body. This not only creates the chimney which allows even smoke distribution, but also lets you put different racks in the unit. This effectively means you can smoke several different cuts of meat at the same time allowing for greater variety in your cooking.

The electric smoker is also one of the largest available on the market. 351 square inches of space mean you’ll never run out of room. Plus the two cooking racks allow you to spread out your meat and you can cater for up to 10 people at once.

This smoker is also designed to be used with little or no supervision. The temperature, once set, will remain consistent and not drop so you can be confident that your meat will be cooked just as you intended.

Despite the size of the Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven electric smoker it’s also very transportable. It weighs only 23 pounds, allowing for portability between locations. That means you can take it on holiday or even round to your friends place.

Overall the Southern Country Meat Smoking Heaven electric smoker is perfect for a professional or amateur smoker. It’s designed to be simple, smart and durable but is also easy to clean. One of the best electric smokers available and certainly worth picking up.

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